Playbooks for School & District Leaders

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Playbooks for School Improvement Levers

Practical Support for Implementing Levers for School Improvement

While there are many factors that go into successful school improvement, we have identified several levers that research and on-the-ground experience tell us create systems for investing in teachers and school leaders—and get results for increasing student achievement.

The Insight Playbook Series is designed to provide school and district leaders with new learning and practical implementation resources to gain real traction in improvement efforts.

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Instructional Leadership Teams Playbook

Instructional Leadership Teams Playbook

In school improvement efforts, Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) can be one of the greatest levers to improving student achievement. 

ILTs not only set the vision and goals, but as a cohesive group of leaders, they proactively, efficiently, and regularly work through issues that impede progress so that real student achievement and learning can happen.

This playbook is designed for ILTs to support their implementation of meaningful processes that can be used to effectively:

  • identify high-lever initiatives that lead to student success; and
  • execute those initiatives with focus, discipline, and accountability.

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Coaching for Change Plabyook

Coaching for Change Playbook

Our results-oriented, job-embedded coaching model called Coaching for Change, ensures that new knowledge and skills translate directly into effective practices for teachers.

The Playbook is a compilation of research, foundational coaching practices, and specific coaching structures, including:

  • support for coaching of all educators - teachers, coaches, building leaders, and district leaders;
  • resources on core coaching practices like starting a coaching conversation and gradual release of responsibility, and establishing a coaching rhythm;
  • multiple self-assessment and reflective opportunities and tools;
  • guidance on how to set up a coaching system in your school;
  • 12 detailed coaching protocols that can be used to apply practices to common coaching situations; and
  • 8 blueprints, or sequences that show how protocols can be used together to support typical coaching situations.

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Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project (STEP) Playbook

Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project

The Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project is a systemic, asset-based approach to professional learning communities (PLCs) that helps educators discover and replicate what's working in their schools.

Implemented in districts nationwide, the STEP framework guides educators in identifying the bright spots—assets—that can be leveraged and scaled toward greater improvement and replication.

STEP was developed by Insight in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kitamba, American Institutes for Research, and Sage Education Advisors to create an approach to help teachers solve problems through discovering, testing, and sharing better practices.

The STEP Playbook is a resource for administrators and STEP Coaches to aid in the facilitation and implementation of STEP to effectively capture, evaluate, and enact better systems, promising practices, and evaluation protocols in their school or district communities.

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Teacher Recruitment and Retention Playbook

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Playbook

Many districts are struggling to find enough effective teachers to fill their vacancies each year. By prioritizing recruitment and retention in a new, systemic way,  districts and schools can experience increased success in finding and retaining those teachers their students desperately need.

This practical playbook is a collection of some of the most effective strategies and tactics that are working to attract, screen, hire, and retain the teachers that districts need most, including:

  • opportunities to learn, assess, and reflect on current practices that work and gaps to address;
  • concrete, proven next steps for building a year-round, multi-stakeholder recruitment system that will attract more effective teachers; 
  • a variety of proven levers for improving support, growth, and leadership opportunities for retaining teachers; and
  • 50+ pages of appendices with templates, forms, and guides for components of an effective recruitment campaign

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