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Professional Learning and Coaching


District leaders, principals, and teachers need individualized, relevant, and efficient support. Any time spent on professional learning must create real impact for both educators and the students they serve. Insight’s research-based levers for school improvement provide an effective, scalable approach for leaders and teachers to align professional learning within and across schools.

Insight can support your educators through: 

  • Executive Coaching: Leaders create systems for their educators to receive ongoing, impactful coaching support; however, these same leaders often do not receive the same support themselves. Insight’s team of former district administrators provides individualized executive coaching based on leaders’ needs and schedules.
  • Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs): School leadership is demanding and complex. Insight’s ILT process leverages teacher leaders through a participatory leadership process. Weekly 5-Star Meetings provide a scalable and systematic process for identifying the school’s “stickiest” problems, analyzing root causes, and holding members accountable for addressing those problems.
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): Insight’s approach to PLCs guides educators to discover and replicate what's working in their schools. Not only does this asset-based approach increase teacher morale as the focus shifts to finding “bright spots”, but the data-driven process also ensures that effective practices are transferred into classrooms across the school and district.
  • A System for Instructional Coaching: There is significant evidence that high-quality observations and meaningful feedback are among the most effective ways to promote teacher growth. Leveraging our differentiated, job-embedded coaching model, Insight’s team will support the design and implementation of coaching initiatives that ensure individualized support that translates directly into effective practices for teachers.
  • Video coaching - Foster teacher growth with self-reflection, peer feedback and instructional coaching support with ENGAGE Feedback. The platform supports teachers, coaches, and school leaders--connecting on a deeper level using video and data as a common piece of evidence. Featuring both asynchronous and synchronous video, districts and schools can increase the frequency of teacher observation and instructional coaching, save time and money, and drive teacher growth all in one platform. Learn More.

    Depending on your needs, many of these services can be provided in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person format. 

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