Empowering Educators to Excel

A multi-state networked improvement community of school and district leaders working together to bring equity and opportunity to impact student achievement.

Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) Map - DE, IN, SC & TX

About the Project

One of 14 projects funded by the Teacher and School Leader Incentive Program (TSL) Grant from the U.S. Department of Education in 2017, Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) is an exciting partnership bringing much-needed support and growth opportunities for teachers and school leaders in 47 relatively small and/or rural schools in Delaware, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas by creating a networked improvement community.

Participating districts include:

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Video: An Overview of the Empowering Educators to Excel Project

Three Levers for Improvement & Educator Retention

E3 is implementing some of the most effective levers for educator effectiveness & retention.

Rigorous academic standards, as well as the levers and wrap-around supports within the "develop" column above, are the core of each partner districts efforts to improve teaching by leveraging current human capital. 

The levers include:

"The best thing about E3 from my experience is the professional development and the coaching aspect that we're getting across the board. Administrators are getting coaching. Teachers are getting coaching and then in turn that is impacting our student achievement."

Ashley Taylor
Principal, Marlboro County School District (SC)

Recruitment and Retention Systems - E3 grant

E3 is focused on supporting districts in building year-long, multi-stakeholder and equity-driven recruitment systems to attract effective teachers.

With the goal of increasing the number of applications of high-quality teaching candidates and ensuring all vacancies are filled by Day 1 of each school year, the E3 districts are putting in place the essential elements for building 21st century recruitment systems—with the leadership of cross-departmental working teams—including the use of the latest digital communication channels, video, and best practices for candidate screening and selection.

Highlight: Teacher Recruitment Videos
Each district has created a library of videos to attract candidates, including teachers sharing their experience, showcasing the location (since many candidates may not be familiar with them) and highlighting their bright spots.

Here's one video from each district.

"We're excited about how E3 is helping us transform the way we think about recruiting and retaining great educators."

Dr. Kandace Bethea
Superintendent, Marion County School District (SC)

National Education Leaders' Workshop (NELW)

National Education Leaders' Workshop

Insight's annual National Education Leaders' Workshop is E3's annual gathering of district and school leaders that focuses on the most important levers for school improvement.

On March 1-2, 2019, hundreds of educators from 13+ states gathered in Charleston, SC for #NELW19 with the goal of working together to create bold change in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

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The Educator Exchange - Teachers of Color Event - 2019

The Educator Exchange: HBCUs & E3

Partnering to Recruit More Teachers of Color

In January 2019, the inaugural Educator Exchange focused on convening strategic educators and administrators from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with leaders from the E3 school districts.

Together, these two critical parties in the recruitment and retention of teachers of color, worked to establish district-university partnerships to begin addressing the shortage in this teacher demographic.

The Exchange, in conjunction with the historic venue–the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, NC, set the stage for honest and vulnerable discussions around being a teacher, particularly of color, in rural/suburban districts as well as the retention and support challenges faced.

"Through Insight's Empowering Educators to Excel project, I appreciate the aligned systems approach to making large-scale instructional change."

Dr. Pete Leida
Assistant Superintendent, Colonial School District (DE)

E3 Advisory Council

E3 Advisory Councils

To ensure strong implementation of E3, each district has an Advisory Council comprised of district-level leaders, principals, higher education partners, and teachers to serve as the governing body for TSL implementation.

In addition, we have a grant-wide Advisory Council that meets regularly with representatives from each district, including (pictured):

  • Stephanie Hofer, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, MSD of Decatur Township (IN)
  • Dr. Pete Leida, Assistant Superintendent, Colonial School District (DE)
  • Kakela Robinson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Marlboro County School District (SC)
  • Dr. DesMontes Stewart, Superintendent, Gainesville ISD (TX)
  • Deborah Wimberly, Special Projects & Public Relations, Marion County School District (SC)

Additional participants in E3 advisory council meetings (pictured):

Dr. Matthew J. Prusiecki, Superintendent, MSD of Decatur Township (IN);  Jill Nyhus, VP of Communications & Public Policy, Insight Education Group; Jason Stricker, Founder, Insight Education Group; Lisa Novotney, Project Coach, Insight Education Group; Kim Day, Project Coach, Insight Education Group; Dana Dudenhoeffer, Project Coach, Insight Education Group; Yozmin Draper, Project Coach, Insight Education Group; Jason Culbertson, CEO, Insight Education Group; Steve Cantrell, External Evaluator; and Austin Long, External Evaluator team.

"E3 has personally provided me a personal network of go-to people that are facing similar challenges that we are. It's helpful because it improves our whole entire community and this has created a sense of community of relationship building and collaboration with other colleagues."

Stephanie Hofer
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, MSD of Decatur Township

E3 Leadership Team

The E3 Project Leadership Team

The E3 project is led by Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds (E3 Project Director & Senior Vice President, Insight Education Group). 

The team includes: Jason Culbertson (CEO, Insight Education Group); Dr. Michael Moody (E3 Principal Investigator & Founder, Insight Education Group); Jason Stricker (E3 Leadership Coaching & Training & Founder, Insight Education Group); Christina Ashford (E3 Grant Manager); Jill Nyhus (E3 Recruitment & Retention Specialist & VP of Communications & Public Policy, Insight Education Group); and Steve Cantrell (E3 External Evaluator).


E3 Project Coaches Team

The E3 Project Coaches

One of the main supports of the E3 grant are project coaches who on-the-ground implementation support. They provide regular coaching for individuals and teams, professional development, and project management.

Bethany LeMoyne (E3 Project Coach Director; Director of Service Delivery, Insight Education Group); Kim Day (Marion County School District - SC);  Yozmin Draper (Colonial School District - DE);  Dana Dudenhoeffer (Gainsville ISD - TX); Lisa Novotney (MSD of Decatur Township - IN); and Regina Ureuta (Marlboro County School District - SC).

"Being a part of a networked improvement community allows us to not have to recreate the wheel but instead learn from the experiences of our other fellow leaders as well as the other districts in an effort to help us to improve and to remedy whatever situation we may be dealing with."

Dr. DesMontes Stewart
Superintendent, Gainesville ISD (TX)

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