Boot Camp for Instructional Leadership Teams

Learn how to launch an instructional leadership team in order to successfully devise, launch, and execute on school improvement goals

Through a three-day professional development boot camp, school leaders—including principals, assistant principals, coaches, and teacher leaders—learn how to launch an instructional leadership team in order to successfully devise, launch, and execute on school improvement goals.

Despite best efforts, most school improvement initiatives in high needs schools fail or show little improvement. With some estimates showing failure as high as 70% for strategic initiatives in for-profit companies, the challenge is even greater with school improvement efforts.

The main reason for failure in strategic initiatives is the lack of execution. Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough when it comes to driving and sustaining growth.

However, in school improvement efforts specifically, Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) can be one of the greatest levers to improving student achievement.

3 levers for school improvement

Insight's ILT Boot Camp
The members of ILTs engage in three in-person sessions—one at the beginning of the year, one mid-year, and one end-of-year—facilitated by an Insight associate. (Training sessions can include multiple ILTs, with up to 40 participants.)

Each session is designed to establish mindsets for leading instructional improvement efforts, promote deep cohesion among members, and learn the process for managing instructional improvement efforts in authentic situations.

  • Session 1: Based on Insight’s school improvement model, TRACTION for School Improvement (TSI), the first training session for all ILT members will be an intensive, day-long session that will include the following modules:
    • TSI model overview
    • How to hold 5-star meetings
    • How to develop an improvement plan that works
    • How to launch sprints (45-day projects)
    • How to develop and track progress through a scorecard

With the training gained in the first session, the ILTs will be ready to immediately begin to meet on their own.

  • Sessions 2 and 3: The sessions will be used as coaching and reflection sessions with ILTs to ensure its goals continue to align with the district's priorities and state learning standards as well as dig deeper on any issues that may be impeding the improvement process.

The end goal is to make sure the team has increased its capacity to deliver (i.e., its Implementation Quotient) and execute its instructional improvement plans.  

Instructional Leadership Team Playbook for School & District Leaders

Instructional Leadership Team PlaybookSoft-bound copy via Amazon ($34.99)

Interactive PDF file ($29.99)




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