300,000 Teachers Left the Classroom in 2022 

The teacher shortage has amplified an already escalating crisis.  

With the current teacher shortage crisis, it's crucial to implement effective recruitment and retention processes to ensure that our schools and classrooms are filled with a diverse and highly skilled group of educators who are dedicated to their students' long-term success. As educators ourselves, Insight Education Group believes in creating opportunities to connect and support one another. Our monthly virtual live chats foster collaboration and provide a platform for educators to collaborate to overcome these common challenges together. Best of all, there's absolutely no cost associated with participating in our monthly Recruitment and Retention Collaboratives.


Meet Your Facilitator 

Pete Leida

Partnership Manager | Insight Education Group

A former superintendent with 26 years of administrative experience who has a demonstrated history of strong leadership skills focused on improving outcomes for students, Pete is skilled in K-12 Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Staff Development, and Educational Leadership. Pre-K to 12 education professional with a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

Join our upcoming Recruitment & Retention Collaborative if:

  • You are looking for new innovative ways to recruit educators.
  • You are a forward-thinking leader who is seeking ways to engage with your teachers on a deeper level.
  • Your employee attrition rate has significantly grown.
  • Your current recruitment strategies aren't working.
  • You want to develop a proactive approach to recruitment and retention.
  • You're looking for practical strategies or ideas that you can act on immediately.

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Every decision a district leader makes contributes towards the goal of creating a more equitable and effective school network. The Recruitment and Retention Collaborative offers education professionals dedicated to growing a collection of diverse, resilient, and compassionate teachers the opportunity to come together and discuss their challenges, potential solutions, and the future state of recruitment and retention in schools.

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