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Do you need support to enhance educational equity for all?

Planning is just the beginning but the real work starts with implementation.

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How our partners are realizing impact with Insight

    Since 2000, we've been partnering with education leaders to increase equity and achievement for all students.

    Insight's impact on education in the US and internationally


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    Grants Won for Districts

    "Insight has been a trusted partner for many years. Most recently, my team and I have valued Insight’s thoughtful, engagement of a wide-range of stakeholders that brought us to an ambitious, award-winning strategic plan. We couldn’t have done it without Insight. They stand shoulder to shoulder with us to implement the plan. They are true partners."

    Dr. Sharon L. Contreras, Superintendent, Guilford County Schools (NC)

    "The team at Insight Education Group are great thought partners to superintendents, chief academic officers, and other high-level education leaders around the world doing school improvement.

    Having worked shoulder to shoulder with them on a number of projects, Insight’s experience and expertise for unpacking districts’ challenges and their commitment to their partners’ success is unmatched."

    Dr. Paul Freeman, Superintendent, Guilford Public Schools (CT)

    Looking for workshops for parents and caregivers to effectively support students' virtual learning at home?

    Join us for these exciting workshop sessions that equip "Home Learning Coaches™" with the ideas, tools, connections, and conversations to ensure success of both adults and children.

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