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Playbook: Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project (PLC Model)

The Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project (STEP) is a systemic, asset-based approach to professional learning communities that helps educators discover and replicate what's working in their schools.

Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project (STEP) PlaybookImplemented in districts nationwide, the STEP framework guides educators in identifying the bright spots—assets—that can be leveraged and scaled toward greater improvement and replication.

STEP was developed by Insight in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kitamba, American Institutes for Research, and Sage Education Advisors to create an approach to help teachers solve problems through discovering, testing, and sharing better practices.

The STEP Playbook is a resource for administrators and STEP Coaches to aid in the facilitation and implementation of STEP to effectively capture, evaluate, and enact better systems, promising practices, and evaluation protocols in their school or district communities.


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