Playbook: Coaching for Change

Our results-oriented, job-embedded coaching model called Coaching for Change, ensures that new knowledge and skills translate directly into effective practices for teachers.

Coaching for Change PlaybookThe Playbook is a compilation of research, foundational coaching practices, and specific coaching structures, including:

  • support for coaching of all educators - teachers, coaches, building leaders, and district leaders;
  • resources on core coaching practices like starting a coaching conversation and gradual release of responsibility, and establishing a coaching rhythm;
  • multiple self-assessment and reflective opportunities and tools;
  • guidance on how to set up a coaching system in your school;
  • 12 detailed coaching protocols that can be used to apply practices to common coaching situations; and
  • 8 blueprints, or sequences that show how protocols can be used together to support typical coaching situations.

Format options

  • Soft-bound paperback (134 pages)
  • Interactive PDF (134 pages, 7.5 MB)

Format options for purchase:

Soft-bound copy via Amazon ($34.99)

Interactive PDF file ($29.99)


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