Supporting Districts Striving for Equity

In-depth audit, actionable strategy, and customized support to address equity and improve outcomes for all students.

Identifying and eliminating gaps in opportunity and access for all students, and specifically students of color, is critical work for school districts.

Insight strives daily to support the work of equity and to embody our core values.

Utilizing the Insight Equity Framework, Insight supports districts through an equity audit process that examines organizational structures, resource allocation, culture, recruitment/retention, professional learning, and teaching/curriculum.

Our analysis highlights areas of strength and growth and provides districts with a practical action plan for achieving more equitable outcomes. Insight’s team of educators then works directly with districts to implement the plan through targeted support of central office departments and design of equity professional learning initiatives.

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Additional Equity Resources:

  • Equity Toolkit - Insight created a free toolkit for schools and districts working to enhance equity  in education. The toolkit guides users to understand and implement a variety of tools and processes focused on self-reflection, data analysis, and action planning. 
  • School/District Reopening Plan Equity Rubric - We created this tool for districts and schools to assess the quality of their reopening plans by focusing on the most vulnerable populations the organization serves.
  • Equity eBook - This ebook highlights how Insight Education Group worked with a Networked Improvement Community to bring equity and opportunity to schools and districts across the country. 
  • Equity Framework Walkthrough Tool - Our partners at Insight ADVANCE have developed a video technology for equity audits and walkthroughs, coaching, and sustainability.

Download the Insight Equity Framework

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