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Kim Day, Partnership Manager

Kim Day is a dedicated partnership manager at Insight Education Group, where she plays a pivotal role in advancing educational excellence. Kim advocates for and collaborates closely with Empowering Educators to Excel+ (E3+) districts from eight states, Leaders Connect school districts, and various partners to deliver targeted support for educator effectiveness, leadership initiatives, and student learning.


In her role, Kim works hand-in-hand with educators to enhance their skills and foster cultures of continuous improvement. She is deeply committed to empowering educators, school leaders, and districts to achieve their goals through strategic planning, coaching, and implementation support.


Kim assists districts in designing comprehensive human capital management systems. She leverages her expertise in recruitment processes, professional growth initiatives, and retention strategies to support districts in building and sustaining a team of

high-performing instructional staff.


Kim's support extends beyond administrative structures, as she is deeply involved in     developing equitable coaching and support systems tailored to the unique needs of each educational community. Her strategic approach cultivates collaborative and growth-oriented environments, ensuring continuous improvement in leadership and teaching practices. Kim is adept at designing and delivering curriculum training for district- and school-level instructional leadership. Her engaging and insightful sessions are designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive positive outcomes in student learning. Kim Day's passion for education, strategic mindset and collaborative approach, propels district leaders, educators, and students toward excellence.


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