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Introducing a school improvement model that helps leaders make bold changes that stick.

TRACTION for School Improvement - Execution infographic

Here's the challenge with school improvement and turnaround efforts.

Despite best efforts, the majority of initiatives in schools today fail—70% on average—and don't result in the intended outcomes. What's the main reason? Execution.

Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough when it comes to driving and sustaining growth.

Insight Education Group has been partnering with schools and districts since 2000 on the things that make schools great—excellent teachers and leaders, demanding curricula, high-quality instruction, and engaged students. 

Here are two specific ways we support schools and districts:

  • TRACTION for School Improvement™: An asset-based school improvement model that cultivates focus, discipline, and accountability among leadership teams to successfully execute their short- and long-term goals for the school. Download an executive summary of the model.
  • Asset-Based Quality School Review:  Deep, impartial assessments of district and school performance performed by the Insight team that trigger measurable, impactful, and sustainable change. Learn more about this work in districts.

Schools that execute with uncanny focus, discipline, and accountability have traction.

School improvement success stories

We're proud of the school improvement and turnaround work we've done in partnership with schools and districts nationwide. Here are a few highlights we've achieved together: 

Syracuse City School District (NY)

DC Public Schools (DC)

  • Insight’s Full Service Schools (FSS) Model was implemented in 11 underperforming, high-needs middle schools. FSS schools showed the most consistent growth of any set of schools in the district. The percent of students scoring proficient in reading increased by 7% in elementary schools and 14% in secondary schools.

Metro Nashville Public School's Robert Churchwell Elementary School (TN)

School improvement success stories by Insight Education Group

As former teachers, coaches, school leaders, and district administrators, we've been there. School improvement efforts are really hard.

TRACTION for School Improvement - What happens with TSI

Insight can help. We can provide the boots on the ground to help meet your priorities.

With TRACTION for School Improvement™ (TSI), we can help you and your educators reverse chronic low performance in your schools by focusing on the area where the vast majority of improvement efforts fail: implementation. 

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