School leaders: What to look for in ed tech before buying


As I shared in my last post, the first step in Insight’s product development process is engaging with educators. Listening to and truly understanding challenges is the only way we can begin to meet real needs.

But there's still so much more to it - and one thing in particular you should realize about educational technology before bringing any new product into your district or school.

Though there are new tools with big promises developed every day, they are typically created in isolation and without the goal of integration.

Technology solutions, particularly in education, are often proposed and produced by developers and programmers who don't have the perspective to understand how resources are implemented in real classrooms. And as a result, most of the new tools on the market are created without considering the solutions that are already in use in schools and how they can be integrated.

This is why the second step we take when developing technology solutions is to leverage what’s out there with the intention to integrate - and why ADVANCEfeedback™ was designed to support transfer of data to and from other reporting, human resources, and professional development resources you might already be using.

Of course no one needs just a duplicate of a product they already have, but as a district or school leader, look for software and even hardware that integrates with existing solutions and supplements what's already at work in your classrooms. Here are just three benefits you'll start to see:

  1. The efficacy of all systems will be increased, making the most out of every resource.

  2. Money will be saved when you avoid buying resources with overlapping functionality.

  3. Teachers' will be able to work more efficiently and save time with systems that supplement, rather than complicate, lesson planning and delivery.

Keep an eye out for my next post when I’ll be discussing the third step in Insight’s product development process. In the meantime, check out our products, and look to see when we’ll be in your area.


Dr. Richard Nyankori is Executive Vice President at Insight Education Group. He leads Insight in the development of cutting-edge products and ensures effective implementation. Richard's extensive background in both educational product design and district administration give him a sharp eye for innovation and an unparalleled understanding of the industry.
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