Check it out: Insight's new growth-centered platform for managing observation & feedback process


We're thrilled to announce the launch of ADVANCEfeedback™, a platform for teachers and school leaders designed to manage the observation and feedback process like never before.

Through live or video-based observations, the intuitive platform can be used by school and district observers — or by Insight’s team of expert content-area coaches  to provide meaningful feedback, identify and share specific examples of great teaching and organize resources so educators can easily access this information and accelerate growth.

ADVANCEfeedback™ was developed from our extensive experience in partnering with schools, districts, charters, and states across the country since 2000 on a variety of teacher effectiveness initiatives.

With the rise of teacher evaluation systems in nearly 30 states, school leaders are looking for ways to manage the increased demands on the number of teacher observations required.

In addition, with the adoption of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, teachers are asking their school leaders for more meaningful feedback on their instructional practice.

ADVANCEfeedback™ seeks to provide solutions to these very challenges.

→ The platform supports the focus on growth versus gotcha.
Through the platform, school leaders, observers, or Insight’s coaches can provide teachers with the kind of feedback that will inspire and support growth in their practice.

→ The platform can save school leaders time and reduce paperwork.
With a streamlined process and less paperwork, school leaders can spend their time on activities that further teachers’ growth. In addition, school leaders can complete all observations in one place instead of going to multiple systems.

ADVANCEfeedback Features

→ The platform is customized for a school or district’s specific context. 
Through live or video-based observations, the platform can accommodate any observational criteria, including instructional frameworks or observation rubrics. A variety of pre-loaded rubrics are also available.

→ Through Insight’s team of expert content-specific coaches, teachers can receive the meaningful and individualized feedback they’ve sought.
We've formed a team of experienced coaches available to provide individual, content-specific support (including expertise in the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards) to teachers through the platform. The coaches have strong track records of increasing student achievement in their own practice.

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