Listening: What sets our education product development apart

Education product developmentIt’s clear that the demands on educators are increasing—while at the same time, the availability of technology in schools is expanding. For us as a team of educational technology leaders and consultants, that has meant finding a way to leverage technology in a way that helps teachers save time and handle growing responsibilities.

But how do we do it?

If you know us and our work, you won’t be surprised that we consider the first step to be the most important:

Listen to end-users.

For almost 15 years now, we’ve been supporting teachers and school leaders through targeted professional development, leadership development, and customized technology solutions. And in all that time, we’ve been listening carefully—to teachers, principals and education leaders—as they talk about their greatest challenges.

The educational landscape is so dynamic, and we recognize that the needs and perspectives of teachers and school leaders are just as dynamic. When we begin to hear from district leaders that there are new policies that will require a nuanced roll out and support, or research suggests an approach with significant implications for educators, we immediately start discussing solutions that will ensure sustainable implementation and the best outcomes for students.

Why Talking to End-Users Matters

Talking directly to end-users, teachers and school leaders who will be engaged with the day-to-day implementation of these programs, is the key to developing great technology solutions for three reasons:

  1. We can fully understand specific needs and integrate with systems already in place.

  2. The internal capacity for implementation can be accurately gauged, so we can be ready with the necessary support.

  3. The right goals can be set and met—together.

It is only through spending that time genuinely considering both the hopes and frustrations of our partners that we feel confident in our ability to begin developing solutions that truly meet the needs of educators.


We never stop talking to educators during product development, which is what makes our solutions so unique. Learn more about our latest web-based solution, Insight ADVANCE, a suite of award-winning products to support educator observation, coaching and calibration through the power of video and in-person.


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