Syracuse City School District: A Case Study in Teacher & School Leader Effectiveness

We're excited to partner again with Syracuse City School District (SCSD) for this upcoming school year.

During the 2011-2012 school year, SCSD and Insight created custom frameworks for both teachers and school leaders. 

Together, we created a taskforce bringing key stakeholders to the table, including teachers, principals, parents, university representatives and community members, to build the frameworks. 

Including these various stakeholder’s voices was an important part of the framework development process and continues to influence revisions to the frameworks.  

In 2012, SCSD was the first district in New York to win state approval to use a custom built, Common Core-aligned teacher framework and complementary leadership framework. Implementation of the frameworks is part of a larger effort to continue supporting and growing teaching and leadership talent in Syracuse.

Building on the successes over the past two school years, Insight will support SCSD's efforts to further support talent development, create robust professional development based on teacher performance data, calibrate teacher observers, and conduct quality school reviews.

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