What you may have missed in 2015: Our top 3 blogs for school leaders

The turn of the calendar may only mark the unofficial halfway point of the school year, but this is still a great opportunity to reflect upon all that has happened in 2015.

In case you missed them, we've compiled our top three posts read by school leaders this year.

Insight Education Group provides 3 step to ensuring quality teacher evaluations.3 steps to ensuring that teacher observations are not a waste of time

Does anyone really benefit from observations? Unfortunately, research shows that many educators feel they aren't getting much out of observations. In this post, Dr. Michael Moody explains 3 steps you can take now to stop wasting time and get the most out of observation and feedback processes. 

Insight Education Group shared 5 ways to spot CCRS.5 ways to spot college and career readiness in classrooms

When you walk into a classroom, how can you be sure that students are really on their way to being college- and career-ready? Here we share how the five Core Practices can help you identify what effective teaching and learning really look like at all levels.

Insight Education Group believes that great teaching matters.School Leaders: How effective is your feedback? 3 questions to ask

Great teachers matterThis is a fact that can't be emphasized enough. While research has failed to find a strong relationship between heightened credentials (more advanced degrees, licenses, and endorsements) and teachers' performance, it is clear that high quality feedback does have a significant impact on a teacher's effectiveness. In this blog, Dr. Michael Moody poses three simple questions you can ask yourself to gauge the quality of feedback you provide your teachers.

Hopefully these posts have been helpful and enlightening for you, too.  We look forward to sharing much more in 2016!

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