Thank you, teachers: A few tweets from your former students at Insight

Thank you, teachers #ThankATeacher

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation week, the Insight team would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude through a few tweets to those special teachers who have made a particular impact on our lives.


You made AP Calc/Stats easy & fun, Mr. Drozin! I'm sure your class is still the highlight of students' day. - Kathleen #refreshercourse #ThankATeacher

  @OlivarMillanArt , my 1st grade teacher. Thank you for helping me realize my natural talents! - @eddiemichael #ThankATeacher


I appreciate
@rtodddickson - his belief in what students and teachers can achieve influences me in my career every day. - @maurakdudley #ThankATeacher


Thankful for all of my teachers @JHUeducation. You are all making a difference one lesson at a time! - Adam 
#veritas #honor #ThankATeacher

Thanks Mrs Martin for the countless academic and life lessons you taught me! @blemoyne #ThankATeacher

Mrs. Dummet, thanks for showing how history is really about being a great storyteller! Changed my perspective. @katandroro #ThankATeacher

Grateful for Mrs. Boulter (5th grade) for pushing me to do and try more than I thought I was capable of. - Debbie #ThankATeacher
Ms. Fugiel, you ignited more than Magnesium strips.  My fiery passion for learning and teaching still burns.  Thanks! -Jerry #ThankATeacher

Madame Lorenz, thx for being my grade 5/6 teacher. Your energy for learning continues to inspire me today! - @jillnyhus #ThankATeacher

Craig Vial fueled a fire for both learning and teaching. His passion and dedication everyday was inspiring. -@jculberts0n #ThankATeacher

Thanks to Mrs. Lynch for teaching me the value of honesty in writing! - @cpaulus07#ThankATeacher #fhs 
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