How classroom video is turning around a district in Georgia


My last two posts highlighted some really significant data showing teachers’ and school leaders’ overwhelming interest in using classroom video to improve their practices.

But can it actually work in a real district with real challenges?

According to Newton County School System’s (NCSS) superintendent Samantha Fuhrey, the answer is yes.

The latest post in our series with SmartBrief features how this one district in Georgia is using Audio Enhancement’s fully integrated audio and video solution for the classroom called ViewPath for nearly every concern – from school safety to student achievement - and in every classroom.

Over the last year, we worked with the district’s coordinate algebra teachers to provide content-specific and actionable instructional coaching with video-based lessons.

When the work started, the district’s coordinate algebra pass rate was only 19%. But after just six months, these same schools showed improvement levels nearly five times higher than the rest of the state, and the teachers encouraged the school board to continue the coaching program.

Now using classroom video in professional learning plans and even formal observations, teachers feel more supported than ever before and student achievement is on the rise. Check out the full post to see three additional – and unexpected – positive outcomes Fuhrey has seen since bringing cameras into classrooms.

Needless to say, Fuhrey is excited about the potential of classroom video to be a catalyst for both teacher growth and student achievement. As she says, the future is looking very bright for NCSS.


Check out the SmartBrief post here »


Dr. Michael Moody is the Founder and CEO of Insight Education Group. His experiences as a classroom teacher, school and district administrator and consultant have given him a unique perspective on both the challenges and opportunities in education today. Contributing regularly to the blog, Michael is always excited to start or join a conversation about helping educators grow. 

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