PD for Teachers: Shifting Instruction with the Five Core Practices


Developed by Insight and PCG's Knowledge Delivery Systems, this 50-hour interactive course helps educators prepare students for college and career with five research-proven Core Practices.

While there is great promise in College-and Career-Readiness Standards (CCRS) to prepare students for success beyond graduation, teachers are looking for deeper support to implement them effectively.

Insight and PCG's Knowledge Delivery Systems, both leaders in professional development and educator effectiveness, have developed a transformational online course that helps teachers bring effective practices to life in their classrooms.

The Core Practices are from the Insight Core Framework and have been shown by research to promote the deeper thinking and reasoning that lead to student achievement.

5 ways teachers will benefit from this course

1. Learn how to move beyond just the instructional shifts.

  • Developed to help teachers not only understand what college- and career-readiness looks like, but identify the key instructional practices that lead to student achievement.

2. Dig deep into five research-based, practical instructional practices, including:

  • Know the discipline well
  • Prioritize evidence over opinion
  • Grow and improve students’ knowledge base
  • Assess progress towards mastery
  • Promote intellectual risk-taking and persistence

3. Go deep—anytime, anywhere. The 50-hour course includes:

  • video clips of the Core Practices in action
  • interactive experiences
  • application toolkit with practical resources
  • engaging readings
  • facilitator's guide (great for PLCs & small group use)

4. Learning can be applied immediately.

  • Teachers will be able to apply each Core Practice into their instruction and understand how they work together to ensure students are prepared for success in college and career.

5. Best of all, it's cost-effective. Course seats begin at $279.

  • Course credit may be available depending on your state.

Insight Core Framework and the Five Core Practices

Insight Core Framework - instructional framework for CCRS

  • Developed exclusively by Insight to meet the emerging needs of districts and schools implementing effectively the college- and career-ready standards.
  • Has been used in districts and schools across the country to promote effective instructional practices.
  • The Core Practices are not only instructional practices but characteristics of what students will need to possess to be successful in college and career.
  • Adapted and approved by the State of New Jersey to serve as a district-wide instructional framework.
  • Research shows that the Core Practices have the potential to yield dynamic results for students and support teachers as they lead standards-based instruction.

Download full Insight Core Framework, including whitepaper, framework, and rubric.

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