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What you need to know about CAOs: A new resource from Education Week

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Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) - or Chief Innovation Officers, Assistant Superintendents for Instruction, and Academic Directors, as they are called in some districts - have big roles and even bigger responsibilities. 

As part of a series from Education Week, the unique challenge of a CAO was described in one article as "A 30,000-foot-level executive position with the boots-on-the-ground focus of classroom instruction."

And from our work with CAOs across the country, we know their responsibilities and duties are wide-ranging and diverse. 

Between sustaining and improving academic excellence, to scaling instructional initiatives, to overseeing assessments, to even fielding parent and community concerns, CAOs, as one Ed Week survey shows, wear many hats.

Take a look at Ed Week's great resource: The Chief Academic Officer's Evolving Role to learn more about the responsibilities, challenges, and accomplishments of CAOs from across the country. 

Featuring several articles, infographics, and videos, the special report reveals how important and ever-changing work of a CAO really is. 

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