Teacher Evaluation and the Common Core

It seems as if the only two things we are discussing in education circles these days are teacher evaluation and the Common Core State Standards.  

On one hand, this is very exciting.  After all, how often is the entire field focused on an initiative that impacts schools across the country?  On the other hand, this is also producing some anxiety, as both of these initiatives are not only significant game-changers in terms of how we've operated for decades, but both have significant stakes attached to them.

Teaching to the Core: Integrating Implementation of Common Core and Teacher Effectiveness Policies.  At Insight, we've been focused on really understanding how each of these initiatives interact in order to provide a more comprehensive approach to "reform."  

And we're excited to see the Aspen Institute continue to push the conversation in Teaching to the Core: Integrating Implementation of Common Core and Teacher Effectiveness Policies.  

Importantly, the actions outlined in this publication (see page 2 for an overview of the recommendations) provide some very clear steps for districts thinking about how to integrate teacher effectiveness and the Common Core in order to maximize resources and streamline implementation.  

While this is still a big lift for schools and districts alike, it is indeed time that we bring the work of Common Core implementation into teacher evaluation systems to ensure we're all focused on what we think will have the greatest impact on the students we serve.

The Insight Core Framework Equally exciting is the mention of the Insight Core Framework as a resource to support districts.

Insight Core Framework

After significant amounts of research, our work in districts, and conversations with practitioners in the field, the Insight Core Framework was produced as a way of pushing this conversation and providing an example of how the language in teacher evaluation frameworks can be crafted to reflect actions of teachers relative to expectations of the Core.  

We know first-hand that this work is not easy. However, we also believe that it's the right work - and with focus and resolve this work has the potential to significantly change the classroom experience for kids across the country.

Learn more about the Insight Core Framework (including core practices for effective teaching with the Common Core).

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