Asking the right questions for teacher growth

As you’ve seen in some of my recent posts, we’re really excited about the results from the polls we conducted with SmartBrief Education that show how teachers and school leaders feel about using classroom video to enhance observation and evaluation practices. DALI-observation-data

Last month I had the opportunity to share the data at the District Administration Leadership Institute (DALI) summit in Orlando with many of the country’s most influential educational leaders. 

The poll results clearly show that there is something about video that both teachers and school leaders want. So why isn't it the norm?

As I explained to the audience, some false assumptions have likely been made in the past about the support teachers want and need.

But maybe that's because we haven’t been asking the right questions - until now.

I used the example in the presentation of a question we asked school leaders about teachers' willingness to use video in evaluations. Only 42% of school leaders thought that teachers would be open to filming instruction for formal observations. But when we actually asked teachers, 78% said they were ready to try it.

Check out the video (10 minutes) to see more of the stats and find out how to start asking the right questions to accelerate teacher growth with classroom video.

 Watch the full DALI summit presentation »


Dr. Michael Moody is the Founder and CEO of Insight Education Group. His experiences as a classroom teacher, school and district administrator and consultant have given him a unique perspective on both the challenges and opportunities in education today. Contributing regularly to the blog, Michael is always excited to start or join a conversation about helping educators grow. 


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