Implementing the Common Core: Determine your curriculum

Last week, Insight's Dr. Michael Moody and Syracuse Superintendent Sharon Contreras led a conversation featured in SmartBlog on Education about key lessons for school leaders to consider in implementing the Common Core.

Here's another lesson to consider.

Lesson: Determine the curriculum you will use.

Dr. Moody: A real challenge is determining if you’ll “make or buy” CCSS-Aligned curriculum.

While there is no right answer, it is important that there is an answer.  Implementing the Common Core is not as simple as identifying a “Common Core curriculum” and then training teachers to use it.

The new standards require real changes in the way we teach, what we teach and even how we think about teaching. Embracing this change (and putting the necessary resources behind it) is critical.

Superintendent Contreras: In Syracuse City School District, teachers are developing curricular units, lesson plans and assessments aligned to the CCSS. There is no better way for teachers to learn about or to become vested in the standards.
What do you think? Have more lessons you've learned? Share in the comments section below.


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