Effective Teaching for the CCRS with the Five Core Practices (5 sessions, on-site)

Educators across the country face a daunting challenge — implementing CCRS standards that are considerably different than those in place just a few years ago. Insight can help.

There is great promise in College-and Career-Readiness Standards (CCRS) to prepare students for success beyond graduation, but teachers need deeper support to shift instructional practices and implement them effectively.

Insight has developed an engaging CCRS offerings based on the Insight Core Framework's Core Practices that have been proven by research to improve instruction and promote the deeper thinking and reasoning that lead to student achievement.

This professional development experience provides critical, research-based information on the five Core Practices that help teachers effectively teach with the CCRS, and ultimately, help students achieve mastery.

The five sessions can be completed as stand-alone workshops or combined into a series delivered in a preferred over a period of time.

Session 1: Know the Discipline Well

  • Models precise content knowledge
  • Models and uses academic vocabulary
  • Uses resources that are high quality and appropriately complex

Session 2: Prioritize Evidence Over Opinion

  • Asks questions that require evidence-based answers
  • Creates learning activities that require the use of evidence when building arguments, making claims or explaining thinking

Session 3: Improve Student Knowledge

  • Makes connections within and across disciplines
  • Provides assignments that require the application of knowledge or real purposes
  • Requires the exchange and analysis of multiple perspectives

Session 4: Assess Progress

  • Provides multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding
  • Provides timely and effective feedback
  • Makes adjustments based on a variety of student data

Session 5: Promote Intellectual Risk Taking

  • Builds a supportive and challenging learning environment
  • Builds a climate that encourages academic curiosity
  • Uses time, space and routines to allow for deep engagement with content


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