The Insight Core Framework is aligned to CCRS and supports effective teaching for college and career readiness.

States, districts, charter networks and schools across the country have shared a common goal: putting an effective teacher in every classroom. However, the journey to reach that end result is not an easy one. 

Instructional frameworks are the centerpiece of successful teacher effectiveness initiatives and are a vital component of a comprehensive teacher evaluation system. Frameworks define the actions effective teachers take to engage their students, ultimately resulting in higher achievement.

Insight partners with schools, districts and states to build customized frameworks or implement the Insight Core Framework — one of the only instructional frameworks specifically aligned to College- and Career-Ready Standards. 

 Insight Core Framework for College- and Career-Ready Standards

The Insight Core Framework consists of five core practices and indicators that describe what teachers can do help students master the CCRS and develop the skills and habits of mind needed to succeed in college and careers. 

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Customized Frameworks

Insight has extensive experience in building customized instructional frameworks for schools, districts, and states that reflect the unique priorities, visions and contexts.

After conducting a thorough review of widely used instructional frameworks, relevant research and performance data, we partner with the school, district or state to establish a design team to develop the customized framework and rubric.

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