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NELW19 - Charleston, SC

National Education Leaders' Workshop 2018

Thank you to those of who joined us for #NELW19. 

On March 1-2, 2019, hundreds of educators from 13+ states gathered in Charleston, SC as part of the Empowering Educators to Excel networked improvement community—with the goal of working together to create bold and equitable change in their classrooms and districts.

For photos, quotes, and reflections posted by attendees from the two-day event, please visit the #NELW19Twitter feed.





Keynotes at #NELW19

Creating a More Equitable Education System for All Students 
Dr. Carey M. Wright
State Superintendent of Education
Mississippi Department of Education 





Irvin L. Scott, Senior Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of EducationRace, Equity, & Impact
Irvin L. Scott
Senior Lecturer on Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education






Plenary Panel at #NELW19

Fired Up, Ready to Go! Moving Past Conversation to Action in Advancing Equity

Dr. Sharon Contreras, Dr. Michael Moody, Dr. Errick Greene, Dr. Anissa Rodriguez Dickerman, Layla Avila, CEO/Executive Director

Moderated by Dr. Anissa Rodriguez Dickerman, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Insight Education Group, district and national leaders shared personal perspectives on how equity impacts their work, explored why they think things aren’t improving, and discussed specific strategies that are having a real impact in schools across the country.

Breakout Panels at #NELW19

Empowering Educators to Excel District Showcase

E3 Panel - NELW19

District leaders discussed what progress they have made on effectively implementing the Empowering Educators to Excel project's three key levers: instructional leadership teams (ILTs), professional learning communities (PLCs), and instructional coaching. They also shared their successes, challenges, advice, and the impact that E3 has had on their schools.

Moderator: Jason Culbertson, President, Insight Education Group


  • Melonie Gordon, Coordinator of Curriculum, Marion County School District
  • Pete Leida, Assistant Superintendent, Colonial School District
  • KaKela O’Banner Robinson, Chief Human Resources Officer, Marlboro County School District
  • Matthew Prusiecki, Superintendent, MSD of Decatur Township
  • DesMontes Stewart, Superintendent, Gainesville Independent School District

Going Global: Lessons Learned from International School Improvement

Going Global Panel - NELW19

Insight has launched a global networked improvement community (NIC) with our partners abroad. A diverse panel of educators shared how they are tackling school improvement in other countries and how we can all benefit from a global network of education leaders.

Moderator: Jason Stricker, CEO and Founder, Insight Education Group


  • Sana'a Alriyahi, Advanced Leadership Program Lead, Queen Rania Teacher Academy
  • Paul Freeman, Superintendent, Guilford Public Schools
  • Kelly Lyman, Superintendent, Mansfield Public Schools
  • Diane Ullman, International Accreditation Leader, New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Making Professional Learning Visible: Utilizing Video for Reflection and Collaborative Coaching

Making Professional Learning Visible Panel - Insight ADVANCE - NELW19

Administrators and teacher leaders shared how they are successfully utilizing video for self-reflection, professional learning communities (PLCs), and instructional coaching.

Moderator: Michael Moody, Founder, Insight Education Group


  • Paul Freeman, Superintendent, Guilford Public Schools
  • Claire Gogolen, Program Manager, MQI Coaching, Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University
  • Kathryn Procope, Head of School, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science



Why Teacher Recruitment Needs to Change: What's Working and What's Not 

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Panel - NELW19

In this panel, school, district, state, and higher education leaders reflected on how recruiting teachers has radically changed in the last few years, how their districts are rethinking teacher recruitment systems, and what's really working to attract and retain great teachers.

Moderator: Jill Nyhus, Vice President of Communications & Public Policy, Insight Education Group

  • Rashad Anderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education & Campus, Director of the Call Me MiSTER Program, South Carolina State University
  • David Glancy, Principal, Gainesville Junior High (Texas)
  • Amalia Lopez, Empower Lindsay, TSL Project Manager, Lindsay Unified School District (California)
  • Katie Strouss, Lead Teacher for Teacher Recruitment, Colonial School District (Delaware)
  • Deborah Wimberly, Public Relations Officer & Special Projects, Marion County School District (South Carolina)

Breakout Sessions at #NELW19

NELW19 Breakout Sesssions

Instructional Coaching

  • Introducing the Coaching for Change Playbook
  • ADVANCE: Utilizing Video to Drive Growth
  • Coaching in a Fishbowl 
  • Designing Effective Coaching Positions
  • Utilizing the Coaching for Change Protocols and Blueprints
  • How to Enhance Your Coaching by Asking the Right Questions
  • Problem Solving Session: Coaching

Instructional Leadership Teams

  • Generating a Theory of Action to Support Your ILT's Problem of Instructional Practice
  • 5-Star Meeting in a Fishbowl
  • The Issues List: Identifying and Prioritizing What ILTs Should Talk About
  • Problem Solving Session: ILTs

NELW19 Insight Trainers - Lisa Novotney and Kim Day

District-wide Improvement

  • Courageous Conversations on Equity
  • Using Logic Models for School and District Improvement
  • Jackson Public Schools' Journey: A Partnership for District Improvement
  • Supporting District Initiatives and School Reform through Micro-Credentials
  • Creating Student-Centered Classrooms
  • Maximizing the Impact of the Mentor Teacher Problem
  • Increasing Quality Implementation of Personalized Learning through a Learner-Centered Framework
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Leadership for Equity Micro-Credential: Grounding Tennessee’s Leaders for Equity Playbook Into a Competency-Based Learning Opportunity

Three levers for school improvement with networked improvement community

Professional Learning Communities (Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project)

  • Utilizing Student Work and Evidence in STEP
  • Making the Most of the Confirm and Share Phases of STEP
  • Problem Solving Session: STEP

Teacher Recruitment & Retention

  • Attract the Teachers You Need: Create a Year-Round, Multi-Channel Teacher Recruitment System
  • The Secrets to Retention: How to Keep Your Most Effective Educators
  • Problem Solving Session: Recruitment and Retention

NELW19 Tim Suba, Chloe DeMars, Andrea Thomas Reynolds, Don Rescigno, Shawn BranchNELW19 Insight Film Crew


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Insight’s Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) is a partnership providing 47 schools in Delaware, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas the opportunity to work together in a networked improvement community (NIC) funded by the Teacher and School Leader Incentive Program (TSL) Grant from the U.S. Department of Education. 


We look forward to seeing you at #NELW2020!

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