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Support for Institutions of Higher Education
Launching a 21st Teaching & Learning Century Framework: Defining Effective Teaching & Learning

Launching a 21st Century Teaching & Learning Framework

Through a collaborative, multi-stakeholder engagement, Insight will work with the IHE to create a custom teaching and learning framework that defines what great teaching and learning looks like in the 21st century.

The framework will align with state and local districts’ standards in order to provide university supervisors, cooperating teachers, and field teachers a common language for effective teaching.

Insight provides implementation support, including coaching and PD for supervisors and cooperating teachers, as well as aligning framework to coursework.

Expected outcomes of this support

  • Consistent definition across the institution’s education program for what great teaching and learning looks like
  • Aligns with state and local districts’ standards
  • Produce more effective graduates who are ready for teaching in local districts

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