Coaching and Supporting Teachers and Parents in a Virtual Environment

Learn how Insight is coaching and supporting teachers and parents to help them deploy curriculum in virtual and hybrid environments.


Embracing the Challenge

Supporting parents and teachers in a virtual and hybrid environment.

Even if districts and schools begin the year in-person, we should all plan for some of the instruction to be delivered virtually over the course of the year. Most of our teachers were not trained—or have received only basic professional development at best—for planning and facilitating virtual instruction. Insight’s instructional support focus for the upcoming school year is working with school and teacher leaders on how to most effectively coach their teachers and deploy curriculum in virtual and hybrid environments.

  • How to Be an Effective Home Learning CoachTM: If you are like most parents/guardians, you were abruptly thrown into the job of supporting your child’s education when schools moved online this spring. As we approach the start of the new school year, it looks like most schools will continue with virtual learning. We know this comes with many challenges. We're here to help. In order to support you as you navigate virtual learning with your kids, the experts at Insight Education Group have developed a series of workshops to equip “Home Learning CoachesTM” with the appropriate ideas, tools, connections, and conversations to ensure the success of both adults and children.
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Provide the support and coaching your teachers and instructional coaches need to get the results that matter most in the classroom.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for Teachers and Students: The upcoming school year will see students returning either in-person or virtually with many social and emotional needs from fears around COVID-19 to an emotional rawness from the current national dialogue on race. The need for SEL support for both teachers and students has never been more urgent. From curricular alignment in SEL to recognizing trauma in our learners, Insight’s teacher training and support modules will provide support for teachers and their students.

  • Virtual Education Webinar Series: When educators recently transitioned to virtual learning, many experienced teachers felt the anxiety and uncertainty that all of us remember from our first year of teaching. As school and district leaders, we need to ensure that we are providing teachers with the tools and resources that they need to successfully teach in a blended environment next year. To that end, Insight launched a series of trainings for leaders on how best to support their teachers in virtual education. 
  • Embracing the Challenge-Applying SEL in a COVID-19 Environment: We believe that all humans need to feel accepted, need a place to belong, and need to know they matter. This culture is fostered by using SEL approaches that draw out and build on assets that facilitate understanding and learning. Join us for this exciting workshop that meets the challenges of today and builds hope for tomorrow. In this workshop, participants will experience impactful and adaptable strategies that support student and adult well-being.
  • Coaching for Change: In this eBook, you'll find case studies and guided reflection activities that have been designed to provide opportunities for you to think deeply about coaching in multiple contexts. Before implementing a coaching initiative at any school site, it is important to think strategically about the context in which this initiative will occur.
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