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Recruitment & Retention Playbook: Attract and Keep Your Most Effective Educators

Characteristics of an effective recruitment and retention system - year-round, multi-stakeholder, multi-channel, relationship-driven, equity-driven and data-driven.
This Playbook guides school and district leaders with the best practices to grow a year-round, multi-channel, and equity-driven system to attract and retain great educators. 

This 200+ page playbook is a collection of some of the most effective strategies and tactics that are working to attract, screen, hire, and retain the teachers that districts need most, including:

  • opportunities to learn, assess, and reflect on current practices that work and gaps to address;
  • concrete, proven next steps for building a year-round, multi-stakeholder recruitment system that will attract more effective teachers;
  • a variety of proven levers for improving support, growth, and leadership opportunities for retaining teachers; and
  • 50+ pages of appendices with templates, forms, and guides for components of an effective recruitment campaign.

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