Opening Schools with an Equity Focus

Quality learning is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. Since 2000, we have developed educators to make good on our promise to all students.

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Insight Education Group worked directly with partner districts to create reopening plans for the current school year.

Through that work, Insight developed and tested a self-analysis tool for reopening plans (in-person, hybrid, or virtual). This rubric provides districts with a tool and process to examine the impact of their reopening plan on the most vulnerable students from an academic, operational, communications, and human resource perspective, as well as a process for monitoring implementation of reopening plans. The following resources can help to support reopening schools with an equity focus:

  • Equity Toolkit - Insight created a free toolkit for schools and districts working to enhance equity in education. The toolkit guides users to understand and implement a variety of tools and processes focused on self-reflection, data analysis, and action planning. 
  • Insight has been leading efforts related to equity in schools and districts for several years and understands the specific needs and opportunities related to teaching and leading diverse students and communities. We customize services in partnership with schools and districts to best meet their specific needs and context.
    • Sample Equity Offerings:
      • Monthly Equity Sessions for Superintendent's Cabinet and School Leaders
      • District Equity Plan Facilitation & Equity Plan Development
      • Equity Sessions for School Leaders 
  • REstart Survey - This free survey assesses district and school leaders' readiness within 7 key areas: Leadership, Assessment, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Whole Child Support, Professional Development, and Equity. Take the survey and receive individualized readiness recommendations, step-by-step implementation plans, and relevant resources. 
  • Equity Rubric - We created this tool for districts and schools to assess the quality of their reopening plans by focusing on the most vulnerable populations the organization serves.
  • Equity eBook - This ebook highlights how Insight Education Group worked with a Networked Improvement Community to bring equity and opportunity to schools and districts across the country. 
  • Recruiting with an Equity Mindset – Insight offers several recruitment and retention services to help districts and schools find and retain the teachers their students desperately need. Specifically, Insight specializes in supporting districts and schools to create equity-driven recruitment and retention systems. By using proven strategies and customized campaigns, Insight has helped districts to attract and retain greater numbers of teachers of color. We’ve captured some of the most effective strategies and tactics in our Teacher Recruitment & Retention playbook.   
  • Equity Keynote The field of education has grappled with issues related to equity for decades. And while most acknowledge the benefits of addressing race and equity, systemic challenges have been impossible to overcome.
    Noteworthy educator and speaker Michael Moody is working to change the way educators view their role in overcoming racism in our schools. Informed by his work in the field and personal experience, his keynotes focus on the role each of us have (regardless of race) in overcoming both personal and systemic misconceptions related to race with the goal of creating schools that fully support the students and teachers of color they serve.
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