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Dr. Tyrone Blocker, Specialist

Dr. Tyrone Blocker is a specialist with Insight Education Group.  In this role, he supports the implementation of educational research practices including onsite data collection at multiple schools. Tyrone is an experienced educational researcher-practitioner.

As a consultant, he oversaw the delivery of various technical support services to multiple states, regional, and local educational agencies. Tyrone’s professional experiences include managing research and program evaluation for a federally funded initiative, facilitating high-quality professional development, and consulting one-on-one with K-12 administrators and classroom teachers for continuous school improvement in state-identified focus and priority schools.

Tyrone’s applied research experience includes conducting the program evaluation for the Texas Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Project, a five-year grant-funded initiative by the U.S. Department of Education. As a valued team member associated with the Texas TIF Project, he contributed to supporting school systems in the implementation of Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS) that included performance-based compensation, principal evaluation, teacher evaluation, and value-added student growth measures.

Prior, Tyrone maintained affiliation with the Policy Research Initiative in Science Education (PRISE) research group at Texas A&M University. As a graduate research fellow with PRISE, he contributed to a yearlong research study funded by the National Science Foundation. Possessing more than eighteen years’ experience in the field of education, Tyrone has served in leadership positions at the regional, district, and campus-levels in Texas.

He is a graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas where he received his doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in urban education. Tyrone’s master’s degree is in administration and supervision at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.

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