Our Team

Britt Britton, Partnership Manager

Britt Britton is a partnership manager with Insight, primarily responsible for leading our strategic school improvement with school districts.

Prior to joining Insight, Britt served as vice president of educational services for a private educational company, where she provided school teams and leaders with coaching and guided support in effective planning, implementation, and monitoring of school reform efforts. Britt also managed the differentiated support schools received based on identified, individualized needs, and was responsible for implementing and monitoring plans for support.

Additional leadership roles in Britt’s extensive career include reading director support lead, coordinator for comprehensive literacy program, pedagogy and curriculum lead, and a member of national presenting teams for leadership, data analysis, and effective instruction.

Britt also served as an educational consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Education through the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network. In this capacity, she led, planned, monitored, and facilitated state-wide initiatives, including superintendent and principal trainings and leadership development cohorts, state-wide assessment and data analysis systems, literacy and math programs, and school reform efforts for elementary, middle and high schools. She represented the state superintendent at CCSSO roundtables and executive committees and served as a state-level principal mentor.

Additionally, Britt was selected and trained as a National Institute of School Leaders (NISL) trainer and a distinguished leader. Her background also includes various district and school level leadership and teaching positions in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Britt is grateful for every opportunity and experience her career has afforded and is committed to making meaningful, lasting improvements in leadership, curriculum, instruction and assessment at all levels, from state to classroom. She is motivated by her belief that educators have the power to change the lives and impact the future of children and young adults.

She earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education from the University of Pittsburgh.