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Quality learning is a right for all, not a privilege for a few. Since 2000, we have developed educators to make good on our promise to all students.

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Insight Education Group is ready to partner with you to support you and your educators in gaining remarkable and sustainable traction in school improvement efforts.

Since 2000, the team at Insight Education Group has supported schools, districts, charter management organizations, states, and education organizations through some of their largest challenges, including:

  • successfully turning around under-performing schools;
  • training aspiring and current leaders to be strategic and get the right things done helping to change the culture of teacher growth to one of trust; and
  • helping to change the culture of teacher growth to one of trust.

Explore how Insight can support you in achieving your organization's priorities.

"The team at Insight Education Group are great thought partners to superintendents, chief academic officers, and other high-level education leaders around the world doing school improvement.

Having worked shoulder to shoulder with them on a number of projects, Insight’s experience and expertise for unpacking districts’ challenges and their commitment to their partners’ success is unmatched."

Paul Freeman, Superintendent
Guilford Public Schools, Connecticut

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