How to be an Effective Home Learning Coach™

Equipping Parents & Guardians to Efficiently Support Virtual Learning

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If you are like most parents/guardians, you were abruptly thrown into the job of supporting your child's education when schools moved online. We know this comes with many challenges. Insight Education Group is here to help.

In order to support you as you navigate virtual learning with your kids, the experts at Insight Education Group have developed a series of workshops to equip "Home Learning Coaches™" with the ideas, tools, connections, and conversations to ensure the success of both adults and children.

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What to expect:

  • Our workshops will provide you with the "secrets of the trade" to keep your sanity while your children attend online school.
  • Interactive sessions provide practical ideas that can be implemented immediately, and include collaboration with other parents/guardians. Be ready to learn from and with others who are supporting their kids!
  • Sessions are offered live via Zoom and are 90 minutes long. Each session costs $49 and includes a training workbook. 

Hear what one parent had to say about our workshops:

"As a college professor I was surprised by how much I needed the Home Learning Coach workshop to help me navigate my 2nd grader's e-learning. Now I feel more empowered and excited about the opportunities for my child. I would definitely recommend this to all parents!"

                - Kaycee Rump, community college adjunct faculty

Explore session topics below.  Sessions are listed in the suggested order of completion.  Although it's not necessary to take each session in this order, the topics are designed to build from the session before in terms of complexity and specificity. 

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