ADVANCEfeedback - most growth-centered observation & feedback platform available


Observe a lesson

like you have never done before

Introducing the most growth-centered observation and feedback platform for administrators & teachers

laptopSchool Leaders: Are you struggling to provide your teachers with enough meaningful feedback?

ADVANCEfeedback is the most growth-centered observation and feedback platform available for administrators and teachers.

Through live or video-based observations, the platform can be used by your own observers — or Insight’s expert content-area coaches — using your school or district’s observation criteria.


“Growth” vs. “Gotcha”

Through the ADVANCEfeedback platform, you, your observers, or Insight’s coaches can provide teachers with the kind of feedback that will inspire and support growth and ultimately move student achievement.



Save time, less paperwork

With a streamlined process and less paperwork, spend more of your time on activities that further your teachers’ growth.

Complete all your observations in one place: from watching lessons, to documenting feedback, to sending reports to teachers.


A platform customized for your context

Through live or video-based observations, use your school or district’s observational criteria, including instructional frameworks or observation rubrics.

A variety of pre-loaded rubrics are also available.


video and audio

Video and audio is captured through your school’s video/audio solution.


Upload video quickly through the intuitive platform and share with your observers, coaches, or colleagues.


Receive detailed feedback from your observers (or from Insight’s coaches within three business days).

School Leaders, Observers & Coaches



In addition, ADVANCEfeedback provides a streamlined tool for completing observation from capturing your notes to crafting a final report.


Use your own coaches — or use ours

Your observers can be assigned video observations scheduled in advance or as they are uploaded by teachers.

Based on content and grade-level expertise, Insight’s coaches can be matched with your teachers.


Our coaches have received specific training on the district’s or state’s instructional framework.


Our coaches have strong track records of increasing student achievement through their own practice.


Learn more about ADVANCEfeedback™ in a 30-minute product demo.

See for yourself the robust features of the platform and learn about the support Insight can provide you and your educators.