What if you could have instant replay for instruction?

Introducing the most growth-centered observation and feedback platform for school leaders, coaches & teachers.

Rewind. Play. Fast-foward. Pause.

Like athletes, educators want to view game film to improve their performance.

Insight's ADVANCE pushes educator observation and evaluation to a whole new level by using video to provide teachers the feedback they need - and want. [See the latest research and data.]



Designed and supported by experienced K-12 educators and ed tech leaders, ADVANCE does more than just manage processes—it fuels great teaching.


ADVANCEcalibrate - Improves inter-rater reliability

Improves inter-rater reliability through a sequence of responsive norming experiences.

ADVANCEfeedback - Enhances every step of a robust observation and feedback process.

Enhances every step of a robust observation and feedback process.

ADVANCElearn - Supports personalized training flows

Supports personalized training flows for teachers, observers, and school administrators to create dynamic professional development experiences.

Give meaningful, specific and actionable support with ADVANCEfeedback

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Tie feedback to clear goals

ADVANCEfeedback™ will support your organization’s goals or instructional framework, and make them clearly available to observers and teachers within the process. Also, teachers can input their own professional goals to receive personalized feedback.

Access classroom video easily and securely

Use any device to capture your videos, upload as many videos as you’d like from any desktop or laptop, and rest assured that your videos are securely stored in our cloud-based servers so that authorized users can access them from anywhere.

Categorize evidence and comments for intuitive analysis

Drawing connections between your comments and instructional framework, and categorizing them as you go allows for quick analysis and helps keeps your feedback evidence-based.

Complete a full observation in one place

ADVANCEfeedback™ simplifies observation and feedback processes, saving you time and reducing paperwork. Manage and monitor each step – capturing your initial notes to delivering high-leverage feedback - from a single platform with ease and flexibility.

Embed comments directly in video

Sharing comments with teachers through the video helps to support the connection between your feedback and the teacher’s actions during the lesson. Also, teachers can share videos with each other to support professional dialogue.

Share resources to support best practices

Build a resource library within the tool with content you already have. As patterns become clear in observers’ comments and feedback, resources can be assigned directly to teachers through ADVANCEfeedback™ tool. 

In addition, ADVANCEfeedback™ provides a streamlined tool for completing observation from capturing your notes to crafting a final report.

Streamline the observation process with ADVANCEfeedback

Teachers capture video and audio through your school or organization's video/audio solution.

Teachers upload video quickly through the intuitive platform and share with observers, coaches, or colleagues.

Observers easily create and provide detailed and meaningful feedback reports to teachers.

Calibrate your observers

Build trust in the evaluation process with teacher effectiveness data that is valid and reliable.

ADVANCEcalibrate™ improves inter-rater reliability among observers through a sequence of norming experiences and responsive feedback.


Take professional learning to the next level

Reinforce professional growth through data-driven, self-guided learning.

Access customized trainings made up of your content or ours and track progress from anywhere using ADVANCElearn™ for a new type of professional development.


"Growth" vs. "Gotcha"

Through the ADVANCEfeedback™ platform, you, your observers, or Insight’s coaches can provide teachers with the kind of feedback that will inspire and support growth and ultimately move student achievement.

Save time, less paperwork

With a streamlined process and less paperwork, spend more of your time on activities that further your teachers’ growth.

Complete all your observations in one place: from watching lessons, to documenting feedback, to sending reports to teachers.

A platform customized for your context

Through live or video-based observations, use your school or district’s observational criteria, including instructional frameworks or observation rubrics.

A variety of pre-loaded rubrics are also available.




Conduct video-based or live observations – in one platform – with no limit on the number of observations


Upload as many videos as you need


Manage your teacher evaluation system, including your school or district’s framework*, detailed, easy-to-read reports and many other essential functions


Certify your observers with a video-based observer certification process


Recommend online learning modules to your educators to support further professional development


Purchase subscriptions to feedback or learn+calibrate only – or the complete suite.

*Exception is the Danielson framework for 2011-2013.

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