Manage your observation, coaching and evaluation systems  all from one place.

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Introducing the award-winning, most growth-centered human capital management platform for teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders.

ADVANCEcalibrate - Build inter-rater reliability

Build inter-rater reliability among your observers to increase consistency and accuracy of observations.

ADVANCEfeedback - Provide targeted feedback to promote your educators' growth and manage observation data.

Provide targeted feedback to promote your educators' growth and manage observation data.

ADVANCElearn - Supports personalized learning experience

Create, assign and track dynamic, personalized learning experiences for your educators.

Conduct observations and coaching sessions.

Then generate actionable feedback reports on the spot.

Check it out.

Through ADVANCEfeedback™, you, your observers, or Insight’s coaches can provide teachers with the kind of feedback that will inspire real growth  and ultimately move student achievement.

Observers and coaches can use the platform to conduct live or video-based observations. 

Connect feedback to goals

ADVANCEfeedback™ can align directly to your organization's framework and goals - so you can be sure your team is working together toward a clear vision of success.

Users can also input their own personal professional goals to receive more targeted feedback on the areas they need the most.

Access classroom video easily and securely

Use any device to capture videos and securely upload as many as you want from your desktop or laptop.

Our cloud-based servers follow the highest standards for security and can only be accessed by authorized users, so rest assured that videos will remain private. 

Organize evidence and comments for easier analysis

Feedback can be categorized through keyword tagging and by feedback type for more intuitive data management.

Complete a full observation in one place

ADVANCEfeedback™ simplifies observation and feedback processes, saving you time and reducing paperwork. Manage and monitor each step from a single platform – including capturing and categorizing notes, providing high-leverage feedback and generating robust reports.

Embed time-stamped comments for live or video-based observations

Provide detailed comments on specific moments in a lesson. Feedback can be categorized through keyword tagging and by feedback type for more intuitive data management.


Share resources to support best practices

Build a resource library within the tool using content you already have. As patterns emerge from observers’ comments and notes, resources can be assigned directly through the feedback report functionality.

Get the most out of your data.

Access (and share) reports to understand gaps and trends.

Insight ADVANCE Evaluation report for educator effectiveness

ADVANCEfeedback™ provides a central location for all evaluation components and tools, including in-progress and cumulative reports, unit and lesson plans, evidence/artifacts, and schedules.

Account administrators can configure or add in the specific components of an evaluation system "pie" and generate reports that will compute weighted scores for summative evaluations.

Insight ADVANCE Evaluation report for educator effectiveness

In addition to built-in mechanisms to support school leaders in analyzing and disseminating data, ADVANCEfeedback™ supports a variety of report types:

  • Individual Evaluation Report [view sample report]
  • Select Group Evaluation Report
  • School Evaluation Report School
  • Summary Report with Breakouts
  • Observation Report
  • District Summary Report (for district-level accounts)
  • State Summary Report (for state-level accounts) 


Insight ADVANCE Calibration report for educator effectiveness

Calibrate your observers.

Designed to improve inter-rater reliability among observers, ADVANCEcalibrate™ supports authentic norming experiences for observers and coaches using a library of classroom videos that have been master-coded against an instructional framework or rubric.

The tool can also be used to inform targeted professional development and prevent observer drift.


  • Track your observers' alignment to colleagues and national experts.
  • Ensure all observers are properly trained and certified. 
  • Manage alignment data for individual observers or groups over time.
  • Create customized reports for administrators in multiple formats.
  • Connect your observers to professional development opportunities on ADVANCElearn™.

Take professional learning to the next level.

ADVANCElearn™ reinforces professional growth and development through self-paced e-learning experiences and embedded resources that are customized to specific needs. 

Used along with ADVANCEfeedback™ and ADVANCEcalibrate™, the platform allows administrators to upload, manage, and store training experiences and resources. Users can also access trainings designed by Insight within the system.


  • Supports and hosts files that have been created in most common formats, including SCORM-compliant resources.
  • Tracks user experiences in assigned e-learning modules.
  • Provides progress and success reports to assigned managers.
Insight  ADVANCElearn - self-paced e-learning experiences report for educator effectiveness

We've built the technology so you can focus on what matters most - your teachers' growth.

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In a 30-minute product demo, see for yourself the robust, flexible features of the ADVANCE platform.

You'll also learn about the support options Insight can provide you and your educators, including virtual coaching, calibration training and implementation support.


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